Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 9

Week 9:   
 Blocks 14, 32, 50, 101, 106 

Week 8

Week 8:    
Blocks 11, 62, 64, 102, 107            

Recently finished quilts

 This month I finished 2 quilt tops which was a major achievement for me with all that was going on at the end of summer.  Falyn just started back to school on Aug 20, and as many of you know this time last year was pretty ruff for me and my family. 

My dear husband Stan had to be taken to the ER on Aug 17th of last year.  He had a fever and we though that he probably had another infection in his legs from the lymphadema.  Turned out not to be that at all.  He was in afib and had pneumonia.  At first we thought things were turning around and I spent the 21st of Aug checking out nursing homes.  However by the next day, Aug 22nd and his 83rd birthday he took a turn for the worst and passed away on Aug 26th.  You can imagine what the past year has been like and now we find that a year has passed.  It's seems in some ways like just yesterday but it's also been the longest year in my life without him.  So yep, the past couple weeks have been ruff.  Quilting and my friends at Quilt Trends have been GOD sends to me all year and especially this past month.  Stan would be so pleased that you all have been so supportive and would be proud of my accomplishments. 

He often bragged about my "crafting" abilities.  On time we were to attend a very important formal Military Ball.  Unable to find anything in a store that fit right or that I could afford, I had made both my gown and macramed my bag.  I was getting many compliments on both and asked by some where I had found them (I managed not to supply an answer).  We sat down at our table and his bosses wife immediately both complimented me and asked "the question".  Before I could answer Stan piped up with "she made them both".  The pleasure that he noticed and the pride in his voice way overwhelmed the embarrassment of homemade garments.  (I know, I shouldn't have been embarrassed in the first place; my assemble was prettier and nicer than many others were wearing.)

So honey, hope you like these 2 quilts!!!!

The first top is a Judy Niemeyer patten "Total Eclispe".  It was taught as a class at Quilt Trends

Here it was with the blocks finished but not yet sewn together.

This 2nd quilt is my own design that I called "Log Star"  and yes that is me staring in ah that it was finally finished. 

A couple smaller finished projects are in front of these for the long-arm, but I hope to finish those this month and get these on as soon as possible.  Here's hopping!!!