Saturday, June 29, 2013

NQA Part 2

 I purchased a "Mama Board" for my ironing board:

Mama Board Ironing Board Extension 



From the WV Quilt Shop I purchased a pattern that combines piecing and dimentional chenille   .


From a company called "Just Curves" I bought a set of templates for an interesting Dresden Plate and a foot for my sewing machine that makes sewing curves a snap.  Well at least it was for the demo lady so we'll see how it works for me.  


And then I fround Deb Karasik.  WOW what a nice lady.  So from her I bought: 

QuiltMavens: Perfect Paper Piecing - Book
QuiltMavens:  Perfect Paper Piecing - Book

Audrey III
Audrey III

Phat Tuesday

Phat Tuesday

 and these little gems.   

Ideal Seam Gauge 'n Guide Bundle - New!
If you haven't seen these seam guilds, watch the illustrated instructions.  

Click here to see more images.


And last but not least id "Innovative Applique"  the brain child of Becky Campbell. 
   Becky's company is Sewforever Quilting
Now, for full disclosuer, I know Becky, slightly.  She teaches at my LQS Quilttrends.  I was scheduled to take her class for this tenique several weeks ago but was sick so missed it.  However her instructions are so clear even I can make a good try at it. 

This isn't the pattern I purchased (couldn't find it) but this is similar.  There's a good sample on Becky's web site if you're interested.  Anyone into Baltimore Album Quilts should definitely try it. 

Attended NQA today.  How lucky we are that this annual show is here in Columbus.  


The only fabric I bought was 2 charm packs of Eleanor Burn's "Ellie Ann  

Ellie Ann 5 inch Squares - Charm

I also bought Eleanor's newest book "Quilts from El's Kitchen

Eleanor Burns' New Book "Quilts from El's Kitchen"
This is the quilt on display that caught my eye and prompted me to buy the book.

The sample for this pattern from Fig Tree was done it bright batiks - which I liked.  If done as shown on the pattern I wouldn't have bought it.

Here's one from Crap-apple Hill called Shiny and Bright - a combo stitchery and piecing pattern.



From Aunties Two Patterns I purchased the "Getaway Bag" and boy is it big!  and "bow n Go Flip-Flops"

And from Atkinson Designs something for my knitting, their "Knit, Purl, and Roll"

Knit, Purl & Roll Pattern

On to Part 2

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Get it Done!!

I was pretty proud of myself in March but April has been a bust.  WHERE DID THE MONTH GO???   Unfortunately I have been under the weather for the past week or so.  The weather here in Central Ohio has been so mercurial of late.... warm one day and cold and rainy the next.  It plays havoc with my Fibromyalgia and arthur- yesterday even the soles of my feet hurt.  Last night a sore throat started and this morning I sound more like a frog than woman and am running a fever.  

Got to get well as there are 2 wonderful not to miss classes this coming weekend at my LQS.    "Fun and Easy Improvisation with Vikki Pignatelli" and a Judy Niemeyer class by Sue Wilson.

Well at least stuck in bed or in my recliner I am getting lots of knitting and crochet done.  LOL

So three task from March carried to April and still didin't get done so move to May and all the April items that didn't get done also move to May - I sure will be busy in May......

March's Goals
  • Clean and organize sewing room - DONE
  • Set up new sewing (Quilt) machine - DONE
  • Make a plan of action for Quilt WIPS DONE
  • Finish pink/blue baby blanket (knit/crochet)
  • Finish pink/green baby blanket (knit/crochet)
  • Finish Falyn's Miami scarf (knit/crochet)DONE
  • Finish Falyn's OSU scarf (knit/crochet)DONE
  • Make pink scarf for Kaylee (knit/crochet) DONE
  • Finish Pi Quilt (PIG1)
  • Make The Big Zig-Zag Quilt (RAW1) DONE April 6

April's Goals
  • The Farmer’s Wife Sampler….. start 3 blocks made
  • Blockbase Sew-Along ….catch up
  • Craftsy Block of the Month 2013 with Laura Nownes catch up blocks 1-2-3-4
  • Virtual Quilting Bee catch up
  • Start Texas Teardrop Quilt-along
  • Skill Builder BOM ….catch up
  • Bee In My Bonnet Barn-Along….. catch up
  • Bee In My Bonnet Great Granny-Along….. catch up
  • Bee In My Bonnet Row-Along….. catch up
  • Finish white blanket (knit/crochet)
  • Finish addition knit/crochet project
  • Finish Island Sunrise quilt (Judy Neimeyer class) (PIG2)
  • Finish Log Star Quilt

May's Goals
  • Finish Flower From My Garden Quilt
  • Finish Affairs of the Heart Quilt
  • Finish addition knit/crochet project
  • Make Ribbon Taffy from Laps from fats
  • Make Scrappy Dots
    Added items
  • Finish Dresden Plate
  • Finish Sweetwater Strip
 See what's one my friends Get it Done list at Judy Laguidara's Patchwork Times